Memory Garden/Parish Grounds

Assist in seasonal upkeep of our parish grounds. Please contact the parish office to get involved in this ministry.


We would like to give our parishioners and friends the opportunity to participate in remembering your loves ones, both living and deceased as we enhance the beauty and prayerful atmosphere of our memory garden. Our parish has always been a prayerful beacon of hope for the Southwest side of Rockford. May we continue the tradition of the past as we venture forth into the future. For more information on how to purchase any of the following items, please contact Tim at our parish office.


Centennial Tree    Stations of the Cross   image coming soon....

 Centennial Tree -  Leaves                    Stations of the Cross                     Bricks (4" x 8" or 12" x 12")


       $250.00 Outside leaves                   $3000.00                                  $100    4" X 8" Main Walkway

       $500.00 Inside leaves                                                                      $150    4" X 8"Archway Entrance

                                                                                                                $500   12" X 12" Archway Entrance


If you would like to purchase:

a brick in either size please click here

a leaf on the Centennial Tree please click here

a Station of the Cross please click here