For the Sacrament of Confirmation please see the following information below:


Please see the following requirements prior to to your child's Confirmation:

  • The candidate must have completed 7th grade
  • The candidate must be Baptized and have made First Holy Communion
  • The candidate must be actively practicing his/her faith
  • Must have at least 2 years of religious education


Requirements for a sponsor:

  1. Be chosen by the candidate;
  2. Be 16 years of age or older;
  3. Be a fully initiated (all three sacraments of initiation) practicing Catholic in good canonical standing who participates in Sunday liturgy, leads a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken and is willing and able to participate in the Eucharist with his/her candidate;
  4. Not be the father nor mother of the one to be confirmed;
  5. Ideally be the baptismal sponsor so that the link between Baptism and Confirmation is expressed clearly;
  6. Be close enough in age and geography as to be able to maintain appropriate contact with the candidate before and after Confirmation.
  7. Must obtain a letter of good standing from the parish of which they attend stating that they are an active member of their parish. (active meaning: attending Mass, contributing and/or volunteering)



Sponsors may NOT be:

  • A Parent
  • A Guardian
  • A Step-Parent
  • Anyone acting as a parent figure to candidate

Role of the sponsor: 

  1. Be a role model in your faith
  2. A friend who knows the candidate, and can witness to the maturing faith of the candidate before the community;
  3. Guide, confidante, and listener;
  4. A learner who is interested in his/her faith development as he/she walks in the faith journey of the candidate;
  5. A mentor who will continue after Confirmation to walk the faith journey with the candidate and invite the candidate into fuller participation in parish life and service.
  6. Pray for your candidate and yourself
  7. Don't forget about this newly Confirmed Catholic